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Welcome to FinTech DS+C Business Analytics Assessment. This critical assessment is designed to identify your community financial institution’s analytical strengths, uncover profitable opportunities through customer data, and discover areas in your data analytics process that need improvement. Financial institutions have more data on their customers and members than any other industry. The institutions building data platforms and hiring experts, or seeking out innovative analytics partners with embedded analysts, are gaining a true competitive—and profitable—advantage with advanced analytics. Data analytics holds a tremendous opportunity for financial institutions by delivering more profitable insight into customers, behavior trends, channels and risks. During the assessment, Steven D. Simpson, PhD, CEO and Chief Data Officer of FinTech DS+C will take an objective and thorough assessment of your institution’s priorities and readiness for data-driven decision making – including data management, analytics, business intelligence and data visualization.


Data Analytics


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Experienced Banker, Consultant and University Professor. Steven Simpson has over thirty-years’ experience working with financial institutions of all sizes and geographies. His focus for the past two decades has been in the area of advanced analytics, specifically identifying segments of customer or member data that represent opportunities for measured... Read More.

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