Compliance Analysis - Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA and Redlining

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Financial institutions need to analyze their loan and deposit data for Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA and Redlining compliance, but this analysis can be costly, time-consuming and confusing. TRUPOINT makes this analysis simple with TRUPOINT Analytics, an online data analytics platform designed to identify disparities and manage compliance risk. You can choose from four TRUPOINT Analytics subscriptions: Fair Lending - HMDA; Fair Lending - Non-HMDA (i.e. small business, small farm, credit card); CRA (Community Reinvestment Act - includes geocoding and mapping); and Redlining. With each subscription, you'll get a guided review of your disparities and access to a dedicated Customer Success team. See why more than 500 financial institutions nationwide trust TRUPOINT today!


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TRUPOINT Partners helps more than 500 financial institutions nationwide achieve their compliance goals by providing them effective, efficient insight. They accomplish this by combining an outstanding team of compliance experts with powerful technology. TRUPOINT specializes in data analysis including regression, risk assessments, training and consulting for Fair Lending, HMDA,... Read More.

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