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Municipal Lease Program

Category: Equipment Leasing

Description: The Advantages of Municipal Leasing. Maximum flexibility in lease terms. Southlake Capital will provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment schedules. Payments can be in advance or arrears. Length of term can be established to meet your budget and they can also do defferals. No down payment or security deposit required. As a specialist in municipal leasing, Southlake Capital provides a low cost of financing. Non-appropriation clause included in the lease agreement which allows payments to come from operating budgets in most states.

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Equipment Financing & Leasing

Category: Equipment Leasing

Description: Full service provider of equipment financing & leasing to commercial companies and their equipment suppliers.

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Vendor Lease Programs

Category: Equipment Leasing

Description: By providing your customers / prospects a lease payment option, you take away the cost objection and become a "one stop" shop to assist your customers acquire the equipment they need.

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Bank Lease Programs

Category: Equipment Leasing

Description: Most Community Banks do not have budgets or expertise of equipment leasing. In addition, they do not have knowledge of what various equipment is worth. We help banks by providing this expertise in all areas of this market while paying these banks referral fees.

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A premiere full service provider of equipment funding of leasing and financing to commercial companies and their equipment suppliers. They deliver the best possible service found in the industry and have the utmost regard for integrity and profess... Read more

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