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Description: Prepaid Technologies is an electronic payment company utilizing Visa and MasterCard prepaid products to create cost savings for businesses. The Birmingham, AL-based company was founded in 1998 by bank industry veterans who understand the technology that is shaping the future of business payments. Prepaid Technologies offers a full suite of products and has an expert staff, turnkey processes and owns the compliance, operations, due diligence and product delivery from end to end. As a trusted partner and advisor, Prepaid Technologies brings customized payment solutions to market quickly and effectively. The company continues to innovate the electric payment landscape and serves banks and companies all over the country.

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About Prepaid Technologies

Prepaid Technologies, LLC is an Alabama corporation organized in 1998 for the purpose of providing new prepaid card based, fee revenue opportunities to financial institutions; new gift card products to retailers; and innovative payroll and payment... Read more

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