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Risk Analytics

Category: Fraud / Risk Management / Security

Description: The Risk Analytics ALM Model provides financial institutions with an understanding of how changes in interest rates—and the resulting changes to the cash flows of their balance sheet instruments—affect future earnings as well as the value of their capital. This cash-on-cash dynamic income simulation and net equity value model provides results for nine interest rate stress test scenarios of up to 400 basis points. With no software to purchase this model provides the functionality of the most expensive ALM models—at a much lower cost and with far less time and effort. Our professional staff works with you and your IT department to automate the instrument level data collection process and our Relationship Managers assist you with any questions regarding data input or the initial results

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Balance Sheet Manager

Category: Asset & Liability Management

Description: Balance Sheet Manager (BSM), an add-on to the FIMAC Solutions Risk Analytics ALM Model, lets you immediately create unlimited “what-if” scenarios. This optional module gives you a quick, powerful, and accurate measurement of the impact balance sheet management decisions will have before they are implemented! To create the scenarios, start by installing a new data set from your updated ALM/interest rate risk management report. The new data set includes all current balance sheet, cash flow, market rate, and securities information—everything that went in to the production of your institution’s interest rate risk management reports. Then, create and run the scenarios on your own PC with BSM’s Windows-based software. Create, save, and share as many different scenarios as you like. With BSM, you can test your balance sheet management strategies and ideas before you implement them, allowing you to efficiently test multiple ideas or variations, and select the strategy that offers the optimal risk and return profile.

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Category: Asset & Liability Management

Description: A/L Reporter adapts the core technology of the sophisticated Risk Analytics ALM Model to a product that is designed and priced specifically for small credit unions. Through a service-bureau approach, the software provides dynamic income simulation projections for net interest income as well as NEV under nine different rate stress scenarios. Reports are compiled from the 5300 Report and AIRES data with limited additional information from the credit union. A/L Reporter clearly demonstrates to credit union managers how changes in interest rates and the resulting changes in the cash flows of their balance sheet instruments affect future earnings and the value of their capital.

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Cash Sources and Uses

Category: Fraud / Risk Management / Security

Description: Cash Sources and Uses, a liquidity add-on to the Risk Analytics ALM Model, allows users to incorporate their own operational and contingency cash flow assumptions for each liquidity stress scenario they create. The resulting Summary Report documents the scenario name and assumptions, as well as its liquidity coverage ratio results for the next 12 months. Cash Sources and Uses enable financial institutions to plan for and document various contingency scenarios, whether they are interruptions of the ability to borrow, runs on deposits, or other liquidity stress scenarios.

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Category: Lending Solutions

Description: Credit Stress Analytics (CSA) brings incredibly robust stress testing together with an ease of use not often seen in today’s software. CSA caters to your specific needs by allowing users to select the appropriate modules for their loan portfolio; Commercial Real Estate, Commercial and Industrial, or Construction and Development. If your focus is on only one area today, you can always scale up into the other modules later if you choose. The Credit Stress Analytics model allows you to stress test one loan at a time, a sector of loans or your entire portfolio. The concentration analysis features allow you to sort or filter your portfolio by virtually any field input or calculated in the model.

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Fixed Income Accounting

Category: Accounting/Auditing Services Advertising

Description: Clients can now add Bond Accounting to the list of management tools offered by FIMAC Solutions. Fixed Income Accounting (FIA) provides your institution with an easy to use platform for accounting and reporting related to your bond portfolio. FIA generates monthly reporting utilizing the most current, independent bond pricing and cash flow information. This data comes from nationally recognized providers, commonly accepted as the providers of the default “Market” pricing. Results are provided in multiple report sets geared towards Accountants, Management, Board, Regulators, or Portfolio Managers. Of course, you also receive FIMAC’s unparalleled customer support and service.

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