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Deposit Study

Category: Asset & Liability Management

Description: Bank-specific deposit assumptions are like jaywalking. They've technically been on the books forever, but have never been enforced. That's all changed now, and every community financial institution needs to be ready to prepare and fully document a statistically sound deposit study. Examiners can disagree with your opinions but they can't really argue with statistics. Examiners have made bank-specific deposit assumptions a "hot button" target issue, and we can solve this quickly and less than 30 days. There are really only 2 types of banks right now...those that have already been told to get a deposit study and those who are going to be told to get one very soon.

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Independent Review of Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk

Category: Asset & Liability Management

Description: An annual independent review of interest rate risk and liquidity risk is a regulatory mandate. Let the experts at Echo Partners perform a cost effective review for your bank. Reviews may be performed either on-site or remote. The overall topical areas of the review, as specifically delineated in the FFIEC Joint Advisory on Interest Rate Risk, Frequently Asked Questions, Interagency Policy Statement on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management and earlier documents, include the following: Corporate governance, policies and procedures, risk measuring and monitoring systems, stress testing, internal controls related to IRR exposures, contingency funding plans (CFPs), and strategies, policies, procedures, and limits commensurate with the complexity and business activities of the institution.

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Community Bank Asset Liability Report

Category: Asset & Liability Management

Description: Save Time And Money While Avoiding Regulatory Criticism With Our Done-For-You Community Bank Asset Liability Report. We built this service from the ground up to meet the unique and complex regulatory needs of community banks. Give your examiner what he wants the first time with the Echo Partners asset liability service. Including the full array of interest rate risk testing from dynamic gap to earnings at risk (EaR) to economic value of equity (EVE), all rate shocked over the complete and extensive +/-400bps range. Includes backtesting and independent 3rd party model validation opinion. We leverage the Call Report to ensure the highest quality data. Our electronic download prevents needless and error prone manual entry or imports. And it frees up bank staff for more productive tasks. We offer robust functionality out of the box, but you can also tweak over 145 assumptions and 16 policy limits to create a reporting package as unique as your bank. Not only do we compare your results with all banks in your state, but our algorithm automatically selects 3 specific peer banks designed to match in terms of asset size and charter type for enhanced peer comparisons. See where your bank stacks up to the others. Best of all, you can override these selections for even greater flexibility. Have it your way.

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Deposit Profitability Analytics

Category: Data Analytics

Description: You know how you’ve got this nagging suspicion that you’re probably not capturing the full profit potential from your deposits? Well, you’re right. If you’re like most banks, half of your deposit accounts don’t even add a single dollar to profits. The problem is you don’t know which half. Using individual transactions and data science we calculate the profitability of each and every one of your deposit relationships. But you don't want more info, you want results, so the very next step is to provide customized strategies designed to allow you to harvest maximum profitability from each deposit segment without harming your overall relationships. Clients often see a 10x ROI on these initial insights before moving to next level strategies. Drill down into results from overall deposit categories, specific deposit types, branch, performance score or even individual CIFs or accounts.

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