COBIS UFS (Ubiquitous Finance)

Category: Securities / Investment

Description: COBIS UFS was built for the financial sector using service-oriented architecture. Using COBIS as the foundation, we offer COBIS UFS, which includes a set of solid products designed for all financial institution needs.

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COBIS Sales & Service Suite

Category: Consulting

Description: COBIS Sales & Service Suite simplifies everything from identifying sales opportunities to process automation and task organization for sales and service representatives.

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COBIS Relational Banking

Category: Loan / Deposit Origination Software

Description: COBIS Relational Banking is our set of core banking products developed using service-oriented architecture. It runs in real-time, and can be easily integrated with legacy systems, making it possible for your financial institution to quickly adapt to current market realities and prepare for the future of banking.

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COBIS Customer Experience

Category: Education

Description: To meet and exceed expectations of increasingly tech-savvy clients, financial institutions need a set of front office products that ensure a positive customer experience with every interaction, regardless of the channel. COBIS Customer Experience meets this need by allowing excellent customer service from any channel, anywhere, anytime.

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About Cobiscorp

Cobiscorp partners with financial institutions to identify technological needs and banking trends, and develops sophisticated financial software to meet those needs. They do this through: Client support: They support you in identifying needs, stra... Read more

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