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Executive Coaching - Helping CEO's Win at Leadership and Strategy

Category: Consulting

Description: Business Coaching is attracting more and more of the top executives and many of the World’s most admired corporations invest in coaching. Why? Business Coaching works! Coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers that has a meaningful and lasting impact on their organization. The coaching process, to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, is very powerful. Leaders are under pressure to do more, with less. The levels of stress and overwhelm create difficult work environments and reduce personal satisfaction levels. Chuck engages with people in customized ways to improve their overall individual performance and leadership skills. Studies show that coaching is the best form of training for executives and the best investments for the organization. Chuck understands the investment you are making. He strives to identify a five times return of your investment. His coaching consists of highly personal one-on-one and team interventions between coaches and senior executives, and it usually lasts several months. Email Chuck at to set up a no obligation or no selling coaching call.

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Strategy Coach - How to Win

Category: Consulting

Description: If you are tired of the same ol' planning session, read on. You may have a vision statement and a mission statement, but not a strategy. Most organizations are great at business planning, but spend little time on true strategic planning. Strategy is about making choices which uniquely positions you in the community banking market. Working with CHuck your entire leadership team will have a acquire a different mindset on strategy. There is a better way. Email Chuck at to learn more.

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Understanding the complexities of business strategy and financial performance enables us to create a positive and trusting connection with business leaders. We focus leaders on people first, and strategy second. We are not just focused on “life sk... Read more

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