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Bank Owned Life Insurance

Category: Insurance / BOLI

Description: Bank-owned life insurance is a tax-advantaged, cost efficient asset that provides the opportunity for higher tax equivalent returns than many bank-eligible investments. BOLI has been an steady and effective tool over the past three decades to help banks offset the rising cost of employee benefits. BOLI earnings provide a steady non-loan income source with AAA to A+ credit quality through the financial strength of some of the countries most financially sound life insurance carriers. Banc Consulting Partners can help your financial institution establish and maintain a cost efficient BOLI portfolio, while striking a balance between risk and reward. They offer a variety of product designs and have access to the largest selection of carriers in the industry.

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Executive Benefit Plans

Category: Education

Description: Retaining and rewarding key employees is vital to the long-term success of any organization. Finding the right method to accomplish this can be challenging in today’s environment. Banc Consulting Partners offers a menu of nonqualified benefit solutions that can be customized to help you attract, retain and reward the employees that drive the success of your bank. BCP Banc Consulting help you design programs that reward success and innovation without subjecting the bank to unnecessary risk and expense. Their goal is to work with you to strike a balance between risk and reward while properly aligning employee and shareholder interests. In addition to helping design new programs, they also review existing benefit plans to ensure they are relevant under current conditions and, most importantly, are compliant with current regulatory and accounting practices.

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About Banc Consulting Partners

Banc Consulting Partners (BCP) specializes in the design and ongoing maintenance of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) and executive benefit plans. Their consultative approach has helped more than 400 financial institutions develop programs that att... Read more

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