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AMI Information Systems - Encompass Credit Union Core Processing System

Category: Core Processing

Description: The advantages to using web-based technology for your core data processing system are numerous. First and foremost your staff will be amazed at how easy the Encompass Software System is to operate and learn. Many of your staff members already have experience using the internet and since Encompass works just like the web you will instantly feel comfortable navigating the software. Secondly, the Encompass Software System doesn’t require special software that needs to be loaded on your PC's in order to run the system. That reduces overhead and simplifies your infrastructure which is a huge advantage for those credit unions who don't have there own IT Department. One of the most important advantages of the Encompass Software System is that it navigates similar to your everyday website, making it easy to us. AMI’s Encompass software is offered in both an in-house and hosted environment where your data is stored on servers in a secure intranet. This intranet environment is protected by multiple layers of passwords and security features to give your credit union the peace of mind that your data is secure and in compliance with all appropriate regulations. Of course, the biggest advantage of AMI's Encompass Software System has nothing to do with the software, it is the friendly staff our customers have enjoyed for over 30 years.

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Member.Net Home Banking and Mobile Application

Category: Internet / Mobile / Digital Banking

Description: AMI is proud to introduce the AMI Member.Net Home Banking System. This exciting new product was developed by AMI to integrate seamlessly with your current data processing system. The AMI Member.Net Home Banking System will offer your members all the features and functionality that they demand at a cost your credit union can afford. In addition to the many advanced features, you can be assured of safe and secure hosting of your member's sensitive information. AMI Member.Net Home Banking can be integrated with your existing website or if you do not currently have a website, we can design one for you. AMI can also provide website and E-mail hosting for your credit union. Please call AMI to find out more about this great product and receive a customized quote that will fit your credit union's budget. Member.Net Feature Highlights - Complete summary of member's account includes Share, Draft, Loan and Certificate balances <br> - Share Summary includes current and available balances - Share Draft Summary includes current and available balances - Certificate Summary includes maturity date and current balance - Loan Summary includes current balance, payment amount, last paid and next due dates - Obtain loan payoff information - View transaction history and details for all account types - Sort transaction detail by amount, transaction type, EFT description, check number and date - Download transaction data for MS Money/Quicken 99 through Quicken 2004 - Transfer funds within member's account and to other linked accounts - Member defined e-mail alerts to warn if balance goes above or below specified amount - Custom links for bill payment and check ordering - Automated posting file for member transfers - E-Statements - Website design and hosting available - Credit Union can maintain AMI developed website, define color schemes and text - Dual authentication technology - SSL encryption - Seamless integration

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B.O.S.S. Back Office Scheduling Service

Category: Branch Automation Software

Description: AMI is proud to introduce a new way to manage your Credit Unions data processing. This great new service is called The B.O.S.S. (Back Office Scheduling Service) and will automate nearly all of the daily processing tasks your staff performs. How would you like to have your Share Draft, ACH and ATM files downloaded and posted automatically each day? How about eliminating End of Day Processing and taking backups from your staff ’s daily duties? Would you like End of Month Processing to run unattended? With The B.O.S.S. you can automate these processes and many more. The B.O.S.S. is an all new module designed to help our Credit Unions improve efficiency, eliminate errors, and reduce staff workload. AMI works with your Credit Union to develop a customized plan to automate some or all of the data processing tasks your staff performs. For example your Credit Union may want to automate End of Day and End of Month Processing but continue to run your own Share Draft, ACH and ATM files. The B.O.S.S. is tailored to each individual Credit Union and the monthly software maintenance varies based on the amount of automation you choose. This enables Credit Unions both large and small to take advantage of this great new product.

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MIMIC Document Archival System

Category: Document Imaging Software & Forms

Description: MIMIC AMI is proud to announce the MIMIC (Member Image Management Information Center) Module. This exciting new feature of the AMI Encompass Software System will allow your Credit Union to store all your member related documents in PDF format. - Fully Integrated Real-Time General Ledger - P.O.R.T. Optical Document Storage - Integrated Home Banking - MIMIC - CU-FAST II Audio Response - Fully Integrated Laser Loan Documents - Loan Collection System - Automated Loan Approval - OFAC/SDN Tracking - Enhanced BSA Tracking - ODBC Compliant Database - Photo ID / Signature Verification - NCUA 5300 Call Report Assistant - Credit Card Information Display ASK ABOUT THESE GREAT ADVANTAGES FROM ENCOMPASS WITH MIMIC, tellers no longer need to bundle up the days receipts and store them in a file cabinet. Members will now sign for cash withdrawals and other transactions using TOPAZ Electronic Signature Pads. Loan Documents will also be signed and stored electronically with MIMIC. Retrieval of these documents is fast and easy. Simply bring up the Member Summary Screen and choose the Archived Imaging drop down. There you will see all documents related to that account. It’s that easy! The MIMIC system saves storage space, improves staff efficiency, and most importantly it saves money! FORMS YOU CAN STORE WITH MIMIC: - Member Receipts - General Ledger Receipts - Loan Documents - Loan Applications - Credit Bureau Reports - Delinquent Letters - Share Certificate Forms - Share Certificate Maturity Notices - Overdraft Notices (Share Draft, ACH and ATM) - Member Account Cards - Photo Identification Cards - 1099 and 1098 Tax Forms

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AMI has installations in 35 states and has been supplying Credit Unions with reliable, cost effective Data Processing Systems for over 30 years. The AMI System is on the cutting edge of technology with such features as: B.O.S.S. (Back Office Sched... Read more

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