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FiHub, sponsored by Springhouse Digital, LLC, is a communication platform for financial institution professionals throughout the United States. FiHub networking groups allows financial institutions to connect with each other, access monthly educational webinars, attend workshops and events, and much more! Standard membership is free to all US financial institutions.

Regulatory requirements are ever-changing in the financial institutions arena. The purpose of FiHub is to provide monthly educational conference calls covering timely subjects to our networking group members. FiHub is reaching financial institutions across the United States by starting networking groups in all states. You may join an existing networking group or request to start a networking group in your state.

Join FiHub for November's call where James Atkinson will be presenting “Compliance Risk Assessments for your Financial Institution” and discussing topics such as:

  1. What is a Compliance Risk Assessment?

  2. Why do we need Compliance Risk Assessments? 

  3. How do I create a Compliance Risk Assessment?

  4. What are styling recommendations for Compliance Risk Assessments?        

  5. What is the end result of the Compliance Risk Assessment Process?

And much more.
About the Speaker
James A. Atkinson

A lifelong resident of the Carolinas, grew up in Clemson, South Carolina, graduated with honors from Clemson University with a BS in Financial Management and has spent most of the past 38 years serving financial institutions in the Carolinas in various Internal Audit, Credit Quality Review, and Compliance capacities, including running his own bank compliance consulting firm for the past 18 years. James has served in these roles in banks ranging in asset size from $ 250 million to $ 35 billion and has headed up the Internal Audit, Credit Quality Review and Compliance Departments for a couple of billion dollar Carolinas financial institutions. James is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a graduate of the BAI School as an Audit Management major, and the North Carolina Banker’s Association Regulatory Compliance School. 

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